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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Uber Health is a technology solution for healthcare organizations that leverages the ride hailing power of the Uber platform. The web-based dashboard allows hospitals and other healthcare professionals to request, manage, and pay for non-emergency rides for others, at scale.

    Healthcare organizations are using Uber Health to help get people to and from the care they need, and to get staff to and from work.

  • Uber Health is currently available in the United States. If you’re interested in Uber Health outside of the United States, contact us so you can be among the first to know if we launch in your country!

  • Uber Health is built with care, for care.

    We value our healthcare partners and their patients and are using technology to remove transportation barriers in the healthcare industry. We’re working with our partners to build a product that meets their needs and the needs of their patients. You may also want to use Uber Health to arrange rides for your staff, on a one-off or on-going basis.

    Uber Health is committed to moving care forward.

    We’re here to help healthcare organizations help patients, today and tomorrow. Our mission is to use technology to break down transportation barriers between care and the patients that need it.

    Reliable technology with an established network.

    Using Uber Health, healthcare partners can arrange, schedule, and track rides at the touch of a button. Unlike traditional patient transportation options, Uber Health leverages the on-demand reliability and efficiency of the Uber network and puts it to work for you.

  • Through an online dashboard, healthcare organizations can schedule rides to and from care for patients, guests, employees, and other individuals. It utilizes Uber's existing online network—and the independent drivers who use it—for access to reliable, cost-effective transportation options at scale.

  • We partner with healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes to arrange transportation for both patients and caregivers to the care they need. Healthcare companies can also use Uber Health to arrange transportation for staff.

  • Uber Health provides access to Uber’s reliable and scalable transportation platform. Right now, you can use the Uber Health dashboard to:

    • Request multiple rides at once: Use Uber Health to request multiple rides for patients, caregivers, or staff from one account.
    • Schedule rides for now or later: Easily schedule rides immediately, hours or days in advance, making appointments and scheduling a breeze.
    • Manage rides easily: The live dashboard allows users to manage all requested rides in one easy-to-use dashboard, in real-time.
    • View ride history and manage billing: Uber Health makes it easy to pull reports of requested rides and view monthly billing statements, appointments and scheduling reports.
  • There is no additional service fee for using Uber Health – the cost of scheduling a ride through the dashboard is based on standard Uber rates at the time of the booking and is billed directly to the healthcare organization monthly.

    In select markets, WAV rides requested from the Uber Health dashboard and API will include an additional WAV Program fee.

  • Organizations in the United States can create an Uber Health account in a few easy steps via the Self-Service portal, here

    Outside of the US? Contact Us and we’ll let you know if Uber Health launches in your country!

  • To request a ride with Uber Health:

    1. Log into your dashboard at
    2. Open the "New Ride" tab
    3. Enter your rider's name, phone number, pickup and dropoff locations, and desired vehicle type.
    4. If a rider has a mobile phone, they will receive an SMS with their driver's details. If they have a landline, the driver may call the rider when they arrive at the pickup location.
  • No, Uber Health allows you to request a ride for anyone. Riders don't need to be tech savvy - they don’t need to be existing Uber users or even have a phone.

  • Uber Health leverages Uber's existing online network, as well as the independent drivers who use it to locate riders, to arrange rides that move people from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

  • When a ride is booked in advance, the passenger will receive a text with the scheduling information at the time of the booking. When a car is on the way to the pick up location, the passenger will receive another text notifying them that their ride is on the way. If the passenger doesn’t have a mobile phone, that’s okay—the caregiver or organization can coordinate on their behalf.