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Built for healthcare

From ride scheduling to trip analytics, handle everything from the easy-to-use Uber Health dashboard.

Building the future of NEMT

While traditional forms of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) exist, in practice they can be inconsistent and cumbersome to use. That's why we're delivering healthcare solutions for the future of NEMT.

Book a trip for now or later

Just enter a pick-up and drop-off address and that's it – you're set.

Coordinate trips with ease

Whether it's one trip or 100, the dashboard makes it easy to book, reschedule and get a clear overview of which trip is happening when.

Check trip status in real time

You can see when passengers were picked up and when they're due to arrive to ensure everything is running on schedule.

Review transparent usage metrics

Get an overview of trip details – including cost, duration and more – to get a better view of what's going on.

Features for you, your staff and passengers

  • An easier way to pay

    Manage all of your transportation costs in one place. Uber Health streamlines trip management for administrators with a single monthly bill.

  • Dedicated support

    Dedicated support is always available through the Uber Health dashboard to help coordinators keep everything running smoothly.

  • Simplified access

    Passengers do not need the Uber app or even a smartphone to get a comfortable, reliable trip to and from care with Uber Health.


Case studies

  • MedStar Health | Reducing patient no-shows

    By offering trips through Uber Health, MedStar Health reduced last-minute cancellations and increased fill rates by 5 to 10 per cent.

  • Adams Clinical | Increasing clinical trials retention

    Adams Clinical saw a 20% increase in trial patient retention by offering complimentary trips with Uber Health.

  • Boston Medical Center | Using Uber Health across health systems

    BMC saved $500K by replacing inter-facility shuttle buses with Uber Health.

  • Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly | Reducing social isolation

    LBFE used Uber Health to give older adults greater mobility and brought independence back to their lives.

  • Ambulnz | API integrations

    Uber Health has partnered with Ambulnz to make it easier for healthcare providers to request non-emergency medical transport for their patients.

  • BMC Haematology | Reducing no-shows for at-risk populations

    This Boston Medical Center clinic partnered with Uber Health to offer transportation solutions for its patient community.

  • Cerner | Use Uber Health directly from Cerner's EHR

    Cerner customers can reduce unnecessary steps and use of multiple tools when serving patients.

  • American Logistics Company | Partnering for better access to care

    Uber Health is now available for any health plan or care organisation that uses American Logistics for non-emergency medical transportation.



  • Coordinator guide

    Want to learn how to use the Uber Health dashboard? Follow the steps here to start requesting trips on behalf of others.

  • Admin Guide

    Ready to understand how to create a ride programmes for your healthcare organisation? Get going in a few simple steps.

  • Uber Health product overview

    Get a 2-page overview of Uber Health to share with your team.

  • Uber Health Safety Overview

    Uber takes patient data, privacy and confidentiality seriously.

  • Uber Health API technology overview

    Connect Uber's technology with your existing software through the Uber Health API.