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Built for healthcare

Building the future of NEMT

Book a ride for now or later

Coordinate rides with ease

Check trip status in real time

Review transparent usage metrics

Features for you, your staff, and passengers

  • An easier way to pay

  • HIPAA-trained support

  • Simplified access


Case studies

  • MedStar Health | Reducing patient no-shows

  • Adams Clinical | Increasing clinical trials retention

  • Boston Medical Center | Using Uber Health across health systems

  • Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly | Reducing social isolation

  • Ambulnz | API integrations

  • BMC Hematology | Reducing no-shows for at-risk populations

  • Cerner | Use Uber Health directly from Cerner’s EHR

  • American Logistics Company | Partnering for better access to care



  • Coordinator Guide

  • Admin Guide

  • Uber Health Product Overview

  • Uber Health Safety Overview

  • Uber Health API Technology Overview