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Same-day prescription delivery service with Uber Health*

31% of prescriptions are never picked up. Uber Health aims to change that.

We’re making healthcare more accessible with a single easy-to-use, HIPAA-enabled dashboard that helps coordinate and track multiple services, including same-day prescription delivery.*

Better experiences across healthcare

By supporting patients, health plans, providers, and value-based care organizations, Uber Health offers a single-source solution to help improve healthcare outcomes and experiences.

  • Improve star ratings

    Boost member satisfaction and retention by offering a more accessible and frictionless patient experience.

  • Minimize readmissions

    Lessen the likelihood of a 30-day readmission by helping members get much-needed medication in a timely, convenient way.

  • Reduce total cost of care

    By ensuring that patients get the care they need, you can help create better outcomes—which may ultimately lead to a lower cost of care.


Here’s how it works

Delivery request

Once a prescription is ready to be picked up at the pharmacy, care coordinators can request a delivery on the patient’s behalf through the Uber Health dashboard.

Pharmacy pickup

A courier picks up the prescription from the pharmacy, and the patient receives a tracking link by text.

Prescription delivery

The prescription is delivered to the patient, who must be home to receive the delivery.


The care coordinator can track the status of the delivery through the dashboard and receives confirmation of delivery.

We empower organizations to help patients and members overcome barriers to care

Increase adherence

Supplement a patient’s mail-order prescription for urgent needs, making it easier for patients to adhere to their care plans.

Reduce total cost of care

By providing people a quick and stress-free means of getting their medicines delivered, you can help reduce unnecessary 30-day readmissions.

Improve the healthcare experience

Boost member satisfaction by seamlessly addressing multiple needs, including transportation and prescription delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

  • After a prescription is filled at a pharmacy, a coordinator can request through the Uber Health dashboard a courier to pick up the prescription from the pharmacy and deliver it to the recipient's home. Uber Health leverages a partnership with ScriptDrop, an Rx delivery company, to coordinate the delivery.

    The prescription request itself is not a part of the Uber Health solution.

  • Many solutions allow individuals or pharmacies to make prescription delivery requests. Recognizing that people might need extra support or interventions, Uber Health enables healthcare organizations such as care navigators and care coordinators to be involved and make requests on behalf of their patients.

    Additionally, the inclusion of prescription delivery within the Uber Health dashboard gives coordinators access to address multiple logistics barriers—rides and deliveries—for their patients in the same place.

    Finally, with Uber Health, prescription delivery is available for any pharmacy in supported coverage areas.

  • Prescription delivery service is available in the US in over 10,000 zip codes. In general, delivery is available up to 15 miles from preferred pharmacies and up to 7 miles from non-preferred pharmacies. Please contact us for information about specific locations.

  • Deliveries can be made from any pharmacy registered with the NCPDP within coverage areas. This program does not require a patient’s prescription to be transferred to a particular pharmacy.

    If recipients don’t have a preferred pharmacy, we recommend those that use ScriptDrop technology. The Uber Health dashboard will indicate these preferred pharmacies with a star.

  • Once the delivery request is sent to a courier, we’ll message the recipient with a link to track the status of their delivery.

    Coordinators using the Uber Health dashboard can track delivery status changes. Delayed deliveries are flagged in the “Attention needed” section.

  • Yes. If the courier cannot find the location or has any other issue, they will return the prescription to the pharmacy (note that a return fee may apply).

  • Uber Health does not support the delivery of controlled substances. When requesting a prescription delivery, the coordinator must confirm that the prescription doesn’t include these medications.

  • If the delivery request is submitted before 2pm (local time), the request will be submitted to the pharmacy for delivery that day. Requests submitted after 2pm will be scheduled for delivery on the following day.

    Deliveries are not available on weekends or federal holidays.

  • All co-pays or co-insurance must be paid before pickup. Uber Health does not facilitate payments, and delivery couriers will not collect payment at dropoff.

  • Delivery costs will be determined in your contract and will be a flat fee based on the distance (in miles) of the delivery. Fees are usage-based; there is no fee for signing up.

  • Prescription delivery through Uber Health is powered by ScriptDrop, which has a network of couriers that it manages, including, but not limited to, delivery people who use the Uber platform.

  • Prescription delivery service through Uber Health is not yet available for direct-to-patient use. Your healthcare provider can arrange prescription pickup through Uber Health. If they do not yet use Uber Health, they can sign up at

*Orders placed before 2pm local time are eligible for same-day delivery.