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Help reduce barriers to care with Uber Health

We work to improve outcomes across healthcare by providing patients, caregivers, and clinicians with better access to care and services.

One platform to support healthcare needs industry-wide

Uber Health is a single platform designed to enhance patient outcomes and better support the caregiver experience across a wide range of healthcare applications.

Addressing gaps across many layers of healthcare

We strive to remove healthcare roadblocks and enhance patient outcomes for various types of healthcare organizations.

Improve the member experience

Increase care-plan adherence and satisfaction scores by offering benefits through Uber Health. Close care gaps by reducing structural barriers such as language and lack of tech proficiency.

Simplify operational logistics

Help keep costs down by simplifying and streamlining logistics, and by being alerted when services are not fulfilled.

Support social determinants of health (SDOH)

Use a single platform to fulfill social-risk or SDOH services for your members, including those with type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and more. This includes offering reliable rides, as well as home deliveries and coordination of in-home caregivers.


Here’s how Uber Health works

Quick requesting

A care coordinator uses the Uber Health dashboard or API to request a ride or delivery on behalf of a patient or caregiver—either on demand or for a future date.

Smooth coordination

Once the ride or delivery is requested, the patient or caregiver receives a text or call with their trip details. They receive another when their driver is on the way.

Seamless service

The patient is picked up and dropped off, or the items are delivered. The care coordinator can track the ride or delivery in real time, identify if additional attention or intervention is needed, and see when the request is completed.


Help improve access to care