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Reimagine the way people access healthcare

Uber Health delivers a better patient experience with transportation, same-day¹ prescription, and home delivery for groceries and over-the-counter items, enhancing benefit coordination.

Taking the homework out of healthcare

Uber Health is bringing on-demand everything to healthcare.

Helping to facilitate seamless care, from start to finish

Enable coordinators to address social determinants of health through a single platform.

Better patient outcomes

When patients lack access to transportation and delivery services, they miss out on medical care. Uber Health helps remedy this by helping caregivers and coordinators connect their patients with services through our network, and partnerships.

Improved caregiver experience

Close care gaps by ensuring that caregivers can get to patients to reduce no-shows and improve operations. Caregivers don’t need to worry about their own transportation or parking.

Simplified administration

Coordinators and administrators can access multiple services in a single tool with real-time tracking, and trip as well as billing transparency.

Reduced healthcare costs

Uber Health empowers organizations to reduce healthcare costs by enabling access to preventive appointments and improving operational efficiencies.

We help complete the picture of care for healthcare organizations

Health plans

Design your benefits to address transportation access among patients and caregivers, you get access to mobility and delivery solutions in one.

Health systems and providers

Improve discharge workflows, decrease no-shows, and create operational efficiencies with inter-facility transportation.

Home health

Reduce costs and improve operations by providing transportation to caregivers, while enabling charting on the go.

Brokers and transportation providers

Focus your fleets on higher-margin and high-acuity rides by using Uber Health to arrange for low-acuity rides.

Patient safety and privacy are our top priorities

Our Uber Health dashboard is built with privacy controls for health, while our technology enables us to focus on safety before, during, and after every trip.


Help improve access to care