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Maximize healthcare benefits on Uber

Learn how you can use your healthcare benefits card on Uber for eligible transportation as well as easy delivery for prescriptions, groceries, and over-the-counter items.

Frequently asked questions

  • Benefit cards are pre-funded debit cards issued by a health plan that are used only for eligible healthcare expenses. Eligible expenses may require insurance co-payments and deductibles and are defined by your health plan. Examples may include prescription drugs, medical devices as well as transportation, grocery items, and over-the-counter medications.

    Eligible items vary based on plan. Not all eligible items will be available for purchase on Uber. To use your card to buy eligible items, add items to your cart in the app and then proceed to checkout. If applicable, some plans allow you to see which items are eligible on the payment screen before you complete your order. Restrictions apply to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other items.

  • Yes, starting in 2024, if you have a participating plan, you can order store-to-door delivery with Uber Eats. You can get grocery and/or OTC items delivered from participating store locations within the Uber Eats network.

  • Not all items are covered by a healthcare card. If an item is not covered by your card, it will be charged to the secondary payment method on your account or you will be asked to remove the item from your cart before you can continue.

  • Please visit your program website and contact your plan or card vendor’s support team for questions about your plan's eligibility.

  • Applicable fees will be covered by your benefits card if deemed eligible. Tax for covered items is charged to your benefits card; however, other fees may be charged to your secondary payment method if they are not covered by your benefits plan. Coverage may vary by plan. Please contact your health plan for coverage details.

  • Depending on your health plan (and card provider) this experience may vary. For some, item eligibility is determined by the benefits card provider on an item-by-item basis: if an item is not covered by your card, it is charged to the secondary payment method on the account. For others, if there’s an ineligible item in your cart such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and others, you will either need to switch the entire cart to a new payment method or remove the item before you can checkout.

  • Right now, Uber Cash cannot be used as a secondary payment in combination with your healthcare benefits card.