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Member management and benefit utilization on Uber Health

Member management allows you to create member profiles based on eligibility files or patient databases. It lets you save default contact information and preferences, and track utilization at the individual level. You can also set policies at the trip level, and track spending and usage.

For providers

This allows you to improve coordinator efficiency by using pre-saved trip preferences and contact information, set trip distance limits, and know how much you’re spending by rider.

For health plans

This allows you to fully use Uber Health for your transportation benefit. You can upload member eligibility files and plan benefit structures, and see benefit utilization at the member level.

In the future, healthcare providers will also be able to use a patient’s existing transportation benefit to coordinate care, saving providers out-of-pocket expenses and saving plans operating expenses.


Please get in touch for a more detailed user guide.

  • 您可以每天更新一次文件。

  • 如需下载模板:

    • 前往会员标签卡(位于 Uber Health 操作面板左侧的菜单中)。
    • 点击“添加会员”按钮
    • 从下拉菜单中选择导入 CSV 文件
    • 下载 CSV 文件模板并选择要上传的文件。


  • 如果已被删除的会员使用同样的会员编号重新注册,我们将恢复其会员账户以及过往活动记录。

  • If it is a new member ID the system will create a new member. If the system matches the Member ID with an existing member, it will override member information with new information provided in the file.