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Step 1: Set up your Uber Health account

To request rides, you’ll first need to create an Uber Health account.

How to create your Uber Health account

Have your work email or personal Uber login credentials ready.

1. Create your Uber Health account

Make sure to enroll in Uber Health using your work email. After enrolling, you’ll be prompted to sign in to an existing Uber account or create a new one.

The account you choose will determine your login credentials for the Uber Health dashboard. If you’d like to use your work email address to log in, create a new Uber account using your work email.

2. Verify your email

Verify your work email address to activate your Uber Health account. You’ll be prompted to agree to our Terms and Conditions.

3. Add a payment method

Add a corporate credit card to pay for your trips. By default, your card on file will be charged for each trip. Once you’ve reached a minimum spend amount, you’ll be eligible to be billed for rides on a monthly billing cycle via credit card or ACH.

4. Invite people to access Uber Health

Add people to the dashboard so that they can start using Uber Health. When adding people, please use their work email addresses, and not their cell phone numbers.

The invitees will receive an email asking them to enter their work email address to create login credentials. When they go through the invite flow, remind them to skip the cell phone number option so they can keep their login separate from their personal Uber account.

Once set up, they can easily start requesting rides and deliveries.