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How does Uber Health work?

Accept your invite

When you’re added to the organization’s account, you’ll receive a message from Uber for Business at your work email inviting you to join. Follow the instructions in the email to set up your account, so you can request rides for others.

Separate work account

When you receive your email invite, create a new Uber account using your work email address to establish your login credentials. If you don’t have a cell phone number available to use, contact Support at and they’ll set up your account so you don’t have to use a phone number.

Confirm access

Sign in to using your Uber login credentials to access the Uber Health dashboard.

Uber Health is best for riders who can get in and out of cars on their own. Uber Health rideshare should not be used for those diagnosed with contagious diseases or for symptomatic riders who suspect they may have one.

Who are the drivers?

Uber Health allows users to connect with the same drivers accepting ride requests on the Uber Driver app.

  • Uber Health Platform

    The Uber platform has approximately 3.5 million active drivers and delivery people globally, as of Q1 2021.

    Leveraging existing drivers on the platform makes it more likely for you to be able to be matched with a driver quickly.,

  • Privacy Protections

    As a part of our privacy program, drivers do not know that the trip is being arranged for and paid by someone other than the rider and do not know that it’s associated with Uber Health.

    This protects the rider’s privacy, and also can help prevent any potential stigma.

  • Curb to curb

    Uber Health is best for riders who can get in and out of cars by themselves and without support.

    Uber's policy prohibits drivers who use the Uber Driver App from refusing service to a rider with a disability who can get into the vehicle on their own. Following Uber policy, drivers are also expected to help stow assistive devices only when there’s an explicit ask and not as a proactive measure.


How are prices calculated?

Uber has a dynamic pricing model, which means the price will be different for every trip but if upfront pricing is available in your city and for your vehicle option, you will see the upfront price before you confirm.

The rider upfront price may change if a rider adds stops or updates their destination, or the route changes significantly. When this happens, a rider’s final price is calculated based on the actual time and distance of the trip.

The trip price you're charged may change from the upfront price if:

  • There are extra stops or destination changes.
  • The driver waits several minutes at the pickup location; a wait time fee will be added. The amount of time before wait time fees begin varies by ride option; the amount of the wait time fee varies by market and marketplace factors. Wait time fees do not apply for certain ride types.

You may be charged a cancellation fee if a coordinator cancels the ride after a driver has already accepted the request or if the driver cancels after waiting at the pickup location.

Our HIPAA trained support team is happy to review prices if you have questions, including refunding wait time fees if incurred by riders with disabilities. Click “Contact Support” under the ride in the Uber Health dashboard’s Past Rides tab or email the trip UUID to