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Uber Health Terms and Policies

Here you'll find legal information and resources for using the Uber Health platform.

Emergency help + support

In case of emergency, please contact 911.

For any other issues or non-emergency incidents, please contact your healthcare organization.

Check your ride, every time

Before you hop in, take a second to double-check that the information you receive in your text messages matches the car and driver. Follow these 3 steps to make sure you get into the right car:

Step 1: Match the license plate number.

Step 2: Match the car make and model.

Step 3: If you have a smartphone, check the driver's photo. This is available in the trip link provided in the text message.

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Our commitment to your safety

  • Your number stays private in the app

    Your phone number is private–and it should stay that way. We use technology to anonymize your phone number so drivers do not see your real number when you call through the app.

  • GPS Tracking

    Your healthcare organization has your driver’s information and will be notified when you’ve been picked up and dropped off

  • All drivers are screened

    Before anyone can drive with Uber, they must submit a motor vehicle and criminal background check and are screened on an ongoing basis. .


Tips for your ride

  • Be ready to go

    If your ride has been scheduled, please be ready to go 5 minutes early. If you’re redeeming your own ride, make sure you’re ready to go when you reply to the text.

  • Leave your route and payment to others

    Your driver has your pickup and dropoff locations, as well as turn-by-turn GPS directions. Payments are taken care of electronically by your healthcare organization.

  • Give feedback and reviews

    Please share thoughts about your ride with your healthcare organization. If you left an item in the car, contact your healthcare organization and they’ll work with Uber to track it down.


Can't find your driver?

  • Look around

    The driver might be across the street.

  • Contact the driver

    Call or text your driver to coordinate the pickup.

  • View trip details

    If you have a smartphone, open the trip link to see the driver’s location.

  • Don’t wait too long

    If it’s been more than 5 minutes or if you get a text that the driver canceled, please contact your healthcare organization to request another ride.