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Step 3: Plan your program launch

Set expectations with your coordinators so they know they’ll be using Uber Health to request rides for others, and how you want them to use it.

What to communicate to coordinators

Check your work email

Anyone you add as a coordinator will receive an email invitation to join your business account. They'll need to activate their account before they can start requesting rides for others.

Use your unique invite

Each invitation link is customized to an individual email address. Forwarding emails or sharing links with other people won't allow them to join the company account.

Create login credentials

Coordinators should create a new account with their work email address to use as their login credentials. If someone doesn’t have a cell phone number available to use, email and we’ll set up your account so phone numbers won’t be required.

Create a process

Establishing a process will help you more smoothly launch with Uber Health.

Rider eligibility & ride coordination

  • Rider eligibility and documentation
  • Who can schedule rides
  • What types of rides they’ll schedule


  • How coordinators should use the memo field
  • How to communicate details to the rider
  • Who should riders should reach out to with questions

Access controls

  • Who will have permission to add and remove coordinators