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You are all set to start requesting rides for others.

Exploring the Uber Health dashboard

To become more familiar with using the Uber Health dashboard and how to handle rider issues, explore the topics below.

  • Expanding the ride cards will allow you to easily rebook trips and book return trips, get in touch with the driver for lost items, and request support.

  • You can track a ride’s status and see the driver’s name and photo, vehicle make and model, and more from the “Today’s rides” tab of the dashboard.

  • Cancel rides from the “Today’s rides” tab of the dashboard. Canceling a ride may incur a cancellation fee in some cases.

  • If your riders don’t have cell phones, print the ride information from the dashboard or write down the driver’s information on driver information cards. For more on what guest riders will experience, see the resources below.

  • After entering the pickup address, you can refine the location by selecting the pin and dragging it to the exact pickup spot.

    If you’re having repeated issues with drivers finding the right pickup location, fill out the form below.

  • For items left behind by riders, click the “Report lost item” button on the ride card in the “Past rides” tab to contact the driver.

    Refer to the article below for more details on dealing with different issues with a trip.

  • If you get an error saying a Scheduled Ride can’t be requested in an area, that means the area doesn’t always have a reliable number of drivers available. You’ll need to either request an Immediate Ride (for now) or create a Flexible Ride for your guest.

  • For each ride you setup, you can choose the language in which text messages will be sent. Edit the language under the Rider's phone number box.

  • Uber Terms require that riders under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult. When requesting Uber Health trips for accompanied minors, please use the adult’s name (not the minor’s) in the name fields in the Uber Health dashboard. The internal memo field can be used to identify the rider as the minor as needed.

  • To facilitate pickups for riders who have landline numbers or have difficulty reading text messages, the Uber Health platforms can call riders on their landlines and leave voicemails to provide information about their trip.

Demo video with more details

See a full walkthrough of the dashboard to help you get started using the Uber Health dashboard.

Need help?

If you have a question about a specific trip, click “Request support” from the expanded ride card on the dashboard. Otherwise, contact our dedicated and HIPAA-trained support team at