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Uber Health printouts

Use these printouts to help riders understand the Uber experience.

Rider pamphlet

This pamphlet helps riders know what to expect with their trip, including information about safety and tips for their ride. Download tips for riders in English and Spanish.

Driver information cards

For riders who don't have cell phones or who cannot get text messages with the driver or vehicle information, coordinators may find it helpful to write out the driver's information on a sheet of paper. Download driver information cards in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Arabic.

Planning resources

Plan your program launch

Establishing a process will help you more smoothly launch with Uber Health. Download the template below to use as a guide.

Designated pickups

Is your office in a difficult pickup spot for drivers? Or do you have a large campus of multiple buildings at the same address? If so, you can set specific areas where drivers can pick up customers and guests.